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The Game is about a Man who suffers from depression and he is trying to escape the black dog. The game uses the idea of referring to depression as being "the black dog",  a term originally used by Winston Churchill.

The game is designed to inform other people about depression and how you as a friend/relative/stranger can help someone struggling through these times and how it feels for them.

This game is made for Young ICT Explorers 2017

Why we made the Game

We made the game because we thought the community was not as aware as they should be of the dangers of depression and anxiety and how even the people close to you could be anxious about telling you. We wanted to show the average person what it is like to have depression and anxiety and how people feel.

Storyline for the game

The Game is about a man named Stanley who has recently lost his wife to cancer and is struggling to keep himself afloat.

If you ever feel overly depressed or anxious, please check out:

Beyond blue: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800

What the game is about (From the programmers Perspective)

The game is about my experience with depression and anxiety. The game is based around what I did and what I felt like was happening when I had Anxiety and depression. The game uses two main metaphors the first one being the black dog, which was originally created by Winston Churchill, and it symbolises the bad part of depression and how it is constantly coming for you. The second metaphor is the photos, which represent keeping your treasured items close to you and the more you collect the less likely you get to a bad part of depression, which is represented by the happiness counter.

Written by Zach Nichols


Infinity 15 MB
Version 1 Aug 11, 2017
infinity-win32.zip 14 MB
Version 1 Dec 01, 2017
infinity-infinity.zip 14 MB
Version 1 Dec 01, 2017


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